Accessibility information

General accessibility information

We aim to be fully accessible. Please see here for general accessibility information about the campus

If you have any questions about accessibility please get in touch by emailing


Navigating around the venue

The Grimond building has two main entrances.

This is the Grimond entrance


After you go through the Grimond entrance there is a foyer where the posters/artefacts are going to be displayed

At the other end of the building is the Aphra & Lumley entrance. Both ends of the building connect in the middle.

If you go through the Aphra and Lumley entrance the Aphra theatre is right in front of you


Here are some photos of the inside of the Aphra theatre. This is where the talks and panels will take place.



Accessibility information for The Duck:

Please be aware that within The Duck there is:

– a point where The Duck shouts loudly in distress

– a moment where she demonstrates painful stimming

– a point where she shakes hands with a member of the audience in the front row, there is no obligation to take her hand if not comfortable, it doesn’t change the performance at all and it’s most important that the audience is happy.