Contribute to research on autistic girls, women and marginalised gender identities

As part of the Playing A/Part project, an interdisciplinary project that explores the identities and experiences of autistic girls and adolescents through creative and participatory research, we are running a Delphi survey. The aim of this survey to find out what different groups of people who have a personal or professional relationship with autistic people and/or who are themselves autistic, can tell us about the qualities and experiences of autistic girls. We are looking to recruit people in the following categories to help (people can identify with one or more of the categories): autistic people; academics; parents or caregivers of autistic people; teachers and support workers; health professionals (clinicians, GPs and teachers); and artists. This involves completing an anticipated three rounds of online surveys, which we estimate will each take approximately 30 minutes to complete. For full information about the study and/or to participate, please click here. This first round will be open until early July and each round will be several months apart.