George Watts (she/her)
George is an autistic academic and self-advocate. She was diagnosed as an adult while doing a degree in Autism Studies. Since then she has completed an MA also in Autism Studies. Her dissertation focused on the relationship between autistic identity and quality of life in autistic adults. She is now studying for a PhD which is looking at autistic space (places where autistic people get to spend time together) and the impact this has on quality of life for all autistic people, including those with learning disabilities.
She is also a mum to two young autistic girls. She lives in rural Scotland and her interests include autistic mental health, autism-related policy and legislation and autistic parenting.
In 2017 she made a short video challenging autism stereotypes  called “Talking In Pictures” https://youtu.be/Rg62Fp6RUZs
She is also a mentor on this popular free online autism course https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/autism
Last updated 6th September 2021