Portrait of Dr Jackie Walduck

Dr Jackie Walduck

Co-Investigator, Music (University of Kent)


Dr Jackie Walduck is a composer and vibraphone player, who explores the interface between improvisation and collaborative composition, and the creative agency afforded to musicians through improvising in different contexts. Pre-lockdown, she was an active performer, collaborating on the UK free improvisation scene, and has been Artistic co-Director of Ethereal World club nights at Jazzlive in Camberwell (2016-2020), and Wigmore Hall Learning’s resident improvising ensemble, Ignite (2008-2020). There, she began working with the National Portrait Gallery, Turtle Key Arts and young autistic people on Musical Portraits (2010-2019), which explored musical creativities, and was shortlisted by The Autistic Society “Innovative Practice” award (2018).

Her composition practice now explores improvisation within digital and audio-visual media, with a particular interest in cross-modal perceptions in performance and creative workshop settings.

Recent commissioned works include a tactile score for Ludi guitar quartet White Oak Variations (2019), an exhibition of audio-visual works at Chelsea and Westminster with artist Chloe Cooper, exploring trance and mild dissociative states through music and abstract patterning (Diagnosis: Drifting, Dreaming, Waiting, 2021) and a sound art installation in 150 public-access bathrooms: Medway Sonic Hand-Washing Experience (2021). She is a Lecturer in Community Music at the University of Kent

Last updated 10th June 2021