Portrait of Dr  Rocio von Jungenfeld

Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld

Co-Investigator, Digital Arts (University of Kent)


I am a creative practitioner, media researcher and Lecturer in Digital Media at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent. I worked in and studied arts, media and design in the UK, Germany and Spain, and obtained my PhD in Media Arts at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests are collaborative media production, contemporary and interdisciplinary media art, hybrid/immersive environments, outdoor and mobile projections, and interaction design. I have presented my artistic, collaborative and research work in venues such as ZKM-Karlsruhe, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Zebraastraat-Gent, Media Art Nexus Singapore, Edinburgh International Festival, EvoMusArt, Creativity & Cognition, and I-Park Inc.

Last updated 4th June 2021