Playing A/Part: Autistic Girls, Identities and Creativity

Presentations 2019

CONFERENCE 1: Inside Out

Day 1 Inside Out: Participatory Research & Ethics

Keynote Presentations
Dr Damian Milton and Dr Katrien Schaubroeck. Chaired by Dr Shaun May

Dr Damian Milton

Dr Katrien Schaubroeck

Panel 1: Researching Differently
Dr Helen Kara, Dr Laura Crane and Professor Jonathan Green. Chaired by Dr Hannah Newman.

Dr Laura Crane: LAURA CRANE Researching Differently

Professor Jonathan Green: JONATHAN GREEN Autism, intersubjectivity, relatedness

Panel 2: Exploring an Interest Model of Mind
Dr Dinah Murray, Jo Bervoets and Dr Philip Barnard. Chaired by Dr Damian Milton.

Dr Damian Milton: DAMIAN MILTON Autistic neurophenomenology

Dr Dinah Murray: DINAH MURRAY Interests

DINAH MURRAY Interests Talk 

Jo Bervoets: JO BERVOETS The Moral Implications of Asking What is Autism

Dr Philip Barnard: PHILIP BARNARD Paying attention to meanings about the self, the world and others in atypical ways

Plenary: Response to the Day
George Watts and Dr Ilona Roth.

Q&A The Duck
Dr Kate Fox, Rhiannon Lloyd-Williams and Lucy Theobald.

Day 2 Inside Out: Autism, Gender & Creative Practices

Keynote Presentations
Dr Will Mandy and Dr Catriona Stewart. Chaired by Professor Julie Beadle-Brown.

Practice Research Perspectives
Leni Van Goidsenhoven, Amanda McDowell and Annette Foster. Facilitated by Dr Helen Kara.

Panel: Gender and Identities
Ruth Moyse, Dr Felicity Sedgewick, Sarah Hampton, Sharmin Faruque and Venessa Bobb. Chaired by Dr Helen Kara.

Serious Play: Practical Perspectives on the Playing A/Part Project
Sonia Boué and Professor Nicola Shaughnessy.

Plenary: Response to the Day
Dr Kate Fox.