Playing A/Part: Autistic Girls, Identities and Creativity

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Exhibition 2021

WOW – Welcome to Our World

WOW was an exhibition showcasing some of the artworks that awesome autistic girls from Kent and Surrey have created while participating in the Playing A/Part project.

The exhibition space gave you a taster of the creative worlds of autistic girls. During the visit, you saw objects, masks, light/sound installations, drawings, videos, projections, photos, etc.

Studio 3 – Jarman Building (27th Aug – 10th Sep 2021)

Also, presented at bOing! 2021 Festival (27-29th Aug 2021)

Special thanks go to Dr Catherine Hahn & Kaz Cooper (History of Art), and the whole Gulbenkian / ICCI team (particularly Becca Brown and David Haigh).

Slideshow on display

Videos on display 

Photo documentation