Playing A/Part: Autistic Girls, Identities and Creativity

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Conference 2021

Beyond Stereotypes

On the 8-10th September 2021, we hosted a 2.5 day conference sharing new research about autism and gender

In this conference (streamed via YouTube) we shared research about autism and gender, and how we are challenging the stereotypes with three themes: recognition, education and futures.

We are uploading the majority of presentations to a YouTube playlist – you can find it HERE

Full programme here

Keynote speakers (randomly listed)

Dr Meng-Chuan Lai; Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott; Dr Judith Hebron & Prof Caroline Bond; Dr Joanne Limburg; Sarah Wild & girls from Limpsfield Grange; Robyn Steward; Dr Prithvi Perepa; and Playing A/Part Team

Future keynotes


  • Day 1 – recognition: Sarah Grant; Chloe Farahar & Annette Foster; Henry Wood & Bonnie Wong; Alison Flynn & Nechama Polak; Lizzie Gale; Mairi Evans
  • Day 2 – education: Holly Judge & Lorraine MacAlister; Sumita Majumdar; Helen Kara; Juliet Wood; Sophie Phillips; Nina Lemon; Catriona Stewart, Ruth Moyse & Erin Davidson; Nathan Keates; Emma Robdale
  • Day 3 – futures: Danielle Rudd; Shona Murphy; Mary Doherty; Rachel Moseley; Cathie Long & Esther Whitney


  • A space to honour Dr Dinah Murray


Social Media

Join the conversation on social media via Twitter @PlayingA_Part and use the hashtag #BeyondStereotypes

Please note that whenever we use the term autistic girls, we are also referring to women and marginalised gender identities.